In The Beginning.

in #beginninglast month

In the beginning, there was a girl, her laptop, and her cat. Of course this wasn't 'The Beginning' beginning, not even close actually, but it was a beginning of sorts, and that is usually all that matters when it comes to beginnings. This was a beginning of the 'something new' variety, and it was the type of beginning that didn't effect anything or anyone around her, the cat after all was not beginning anything new as it slept on its favourite blanket, nose tucked under tail. No, this was a small, quiet beginning, just for her to begin alone. So, mustering all her beginning beginniness, she began, and in doing so, she began to type. And to think. And to read. And imagine. And let her mind and her imagination wander and flow, like a symphony in its first, quiet swelling notes.

And so finally, after all this beginning business, she unknowingly decided that it was now the end of that particular beginning. And, in the sudden absence of these first sweet and unsure beginning notes she blinked at the glowing, white screen. She read, and re-read the same line a few times, and shutting the computer she-