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When i was a young girl, my mom always wanted me to take stuffs with beetroot.She could always say eat as much as you can because it protects illness.I remember her serving me with a salad and the taste was awful where i could only take 2 spoons and place it on a table.

However if mom was well knowing about beet juicing then it could be easier for me to drink. But i came to realize the benefits of this vegetable both eating it raw or preparing juice.

Beet is well known as a source of vitamins, antioxidants, fiber and minerals.

Now I know how powerful this vegetable is, and we have it at least once a week, mainly in the form of juice with beets. Taking beets alsp help in many ways such as lowering the risk of cancer. more over i know most of the people dont love beets but here are some tips to help you love it especially in a form of juice .

Best ways to make beets juice

Beet has a lot of solid fresh and thats whu you need a powerful juicer that cut it into small pieces and get the juice out of it.

The first thing you need to do is to prepare the beets thoroughly and never forget to wash them. you can also peel them but make sure you place them on a bowl to avoid the red stains allover.

The next thing is to cut them into small pieces and place them in a juicer with the other fruits or veggies to make your drink tastier. after that just blend your juice. incase you want to add sugar you can do it.
Beet with banana:
mixing beets with banana sounds weired but its the best combo. tyr it.

Beetroot recipe for immune boosting immune system.

As you know very well that beets holds alpt of vitamin c, you can try adding lemon anf make it your daily dose.

ingredient: 1 mediun carrot, cube gigger1, 1apple , one beetroot and a fresh mintslice.

Energizing beetroot .

ingredients: one cucumber, one carrot, one red apple, an inch of a ginger and one beetroot.


Carrot and beetroot juice for breakfast


2 medium beets, 3 carrots, indian gooseberris, an incg of ginger and one bottle of gourd.

however you can mix beets with any fruit and enjoy the juice and its benefits.




drink daily 2 cup fruit juice to live better and healthy

This is what I do. It is very good @jyoti-thelight. Though I add a bit of water as fruit juice can be harsh on the teeth with the acids. But for better health, nothing beats fruit juices full of vitamins and minerals.

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Good luck dear friend

Looks very tasty and delicious. Really good post @njerik

This is very good @njerik. I look forward to try it out. I think you should enter @chetanpadliya's contest. I think you could win.

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