Home Brew - Bottling Day!!

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Home Brew - Bottling Day!!


Three weeks ago I posted on my Home Brew beer. This weekend it was time to bottle this beer.

The beer was fermenting for just under 3 weeks. After fermenting, I calculated that the alcohol percentage is 5%. I bottled 42 bottles at a cost of R8,90 a bottle. ($1.00 = R14.52)

I now need to wait another 3 weeks for bottle aging before drinking it.

You will note a few Heineken 0% bottles, these I filled in preparation of the next alcohol transport ban!! LOL!! Under some of the stricter Covid-19 restrictions, we may not buy or transport any alcohol, but there is no problem in transporting Heineken 0%. I wonder if the cops will notice the difference, as it now has black caps and the beer is hazy and not clear, as my beer is unfiltered.


I cannot wait to test my latest beer!!

I hope you liked the post as much as I liked writing it.

I hope you have a wonderful day!!




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Lots of bottle bro

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