20th Steemit BeerSaturday

in #beersaturday7 years ago

Hey fellow beer lovers!

Last time I showed you my most favourite beer. Now I would like to show you the beer I drink the most :D
Due to the fact that my favourite beer is just available in the brewery (and sometimes in drink stores), it is sadly not the beer I drink the most. Additionally it is not a cheap beer :D

And here it is - the "Hemelinger"

Nothern germans will know this beer and probably wonder why I show a rather cheap beer.
But beer is not valued by it's price but by it's taste. And this beer is different from the standard beers here, even though it is a "standard beer" itself.
And I like it because it is not as tart as the other ones - for example becks - and also has a more intense flavour.

The inofficial name here for this beer is "Maurerbrause" which means "bricklayer lemonade" :D
This name was given because it is often seen at building sites, drank by bricklayers or other construction workers. But don't get me wrong, it's not like every construction worker here is drunk. It is rather a cliché :D

I always have some hemelinger at home. So I can always offer a beer if friends come over :-)

I hope you liked my beer and if you see it, give it a try!


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