Passion Fruit Gose

in beersaturday •  6 months ago

Passion Fruit Gose by Perrin combines the tropical taste of ripe passion fruit with the distinct flavor of pink Hawaiian sea salt to balance the taste buds in a crisp, refreshing beer for summer thirst.

ABV 4.5%
IBU 15


I’m not normally a sour or Gose fan, but this beer was able to satisfy my tastes. This beer pour golden yellow with a fluffy white head that fades into a thin film.


The aroma is subtle, but you do pick up notes of tart passion fruit, citrus and some earthy yeast.


The taste is a little less subtle. You get more of the passion fruit and citrus. The earthy yeast and malt has a greater presence. There is some salt and sour funkiness that one would expect from a Gose.


The mouthfeel is nice. A good amount of carbonation and the beer is both balanced and light. This would be a great beer for a hot summer day.


Overall, it’s a good beer. Not my favorite style, but I would definitely have it again.


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Looks solid, but I'm not a big Gose guy either.
Great beer photography though!


It was. Thanks for noticing the photography skills I appreciate the feedback.