¨BeerSaturday¨ # 181 - My Beers held captive! But it's gonna take more than that to stop me!

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I had planned to write a post overflowing with reviews describing the many sweet, sweet, tasting stouts I have recently been sampling. However, unfortunately, my phone has decided to lock me out, which subsequently means that all my photos are trapped within. Disaster!!

But fear not my beer-supping brothers and sisters! Because I am a soldier of stout, one who will go that extra mile for #beersaturday. And so, through the howling wind and stinging rain, I plot a course back to the micropub where I can reload my weapons of mass inebriation...


I made it back...Now let's get drinking!!

1st up.
Amundsen's, Barrel Aged, Dessert in a Can, Peacan & Maple.


This dark beast weighs in at 11.5% and emits a pungently sweet aroma. Once passed the vapour, you're lured into a surprisingly bitter, almost coffee-like, taste. Sadly, and it isn't often I say this about any Amundsen brew, the flavour advertised on the can doesn't steal the show. In fact, you'd have to have tastebuds more sensitive than an LGBTQ protestor at a Jordan Peterson rally.

If you like a coffee stout you will certainly enjoy this beer, but for me, it was just too bitter. You can get hints of maple and pecan, but only when you close your eyes really tightly and concentrate like a young Jedi lifting a spaceship from a swamp.

All in all, I give this stout a 5 out of 10, and that's being generous because it's an Amundsen. Needless to say, I won't be buying this one again.

2nd up(and it better be good...)

Amundsen team up with Lervig brewery to create...

Chocolate covered peanut butter & toffee sudae!!


A mouthful by name and a mouthful by nature! OMFG, what a taste sensation! This beer brings the goods and loads you up with 11%. Now that's a hefty amount of alcohol for any beer and when I give the Mrs a taste she pulls a face like an enraged macaque monkey. I, on the other hand, am like a seasoned crack-whore and the alcohol barely registers anymore. What does register though is the flavour and, unlike the last beer, this one doesn't disappoint. I get chocolate, but not too much as to make it bitter. I certainly get peanut butter, which is fast becoming one of my favourite flavours. And last but not least, I get a whallop of gorgeous toffee sundae. Jesus. H. Christ, this beer has more flavour than an Italian gelato parlour!

A very impressive beer and a great addition to Amundsen's menu. And as an added Brucey bonus, it comes in a full-sized 500ml can. Happy days. I was also pleasantly surprised by the colour of this beer which was a light amber liquid topped with a traditional white frothy head. These days, I find myself drinking darker ales so this made for a nice change and I think the lighter colour tapped into my subconscious and made me feel a little younger again. Follow this up with the taste of toffee sundae and I was basically back at school eating dessert. Yummy!

OK, I'm going to leave it here and wish you all good day. I hope you've enjoyed the read and now want to try something similar. If you have a sweet tooth Amundsen is where it's at.

Thanks, as always, to @detlev for organising #beersaturday and encouraging the beer community to come together and share the beer!

I'll be back soon to review all those beers I have locked inside my broken phone. See you soon!

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