BEER REVIEW: Plus exciting news for Christmas. Amundsen Bryggeri & Devil Peak - Chugganaught

in #beer4 years ago

Hi guys and gals,

Exciting news here at the good brews. I have secured myself a Gulating advent beer calendar for December.
So enjoy this review of Amundsen Bryggeri & Devil Peakś - Chugganaught and stay tuned for more videos.

If you want in on the action of sharing a beer with me, follow the info below. (Sorry just for Norwegian followers)
INFO OM: FORHÅNDSBESTILL årets kalender hos Gulating Ølutsalg Drammen.
Pris 1495,- (som betales ved henting i november)
Forhåndsbestill ved å sende navn, epost og mob til
[email protected]


Hmmm.. Nice, would love to share a beer with you.

if you are in Norway, then thats definitely possible


Good and versatile glass you are using for the beer, too!

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