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It been a while I haven’t make a post on beersaturday challenge as hosted by @detlev, Am happy been back fully with this great beer STELLA ARTOIS. Stella Artois is an awesome beer which was first incorporated in Leuven (in Belgium) in 1926. By 2008 stella artois was been sold in Canada, Britain and New Zealand Ukraine, Austria Brazil

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Title: Stella Artois
Brewed by: Belgium breweries
Style: European lager
Suggested glassware. Chalice Draught and bottle
Alcoholic content: 4.8 to 5.2 %
Drinking occasion Day time refreshment
Available: 330ml non-returnable bottle, Draught
Ingredients: pills malt noble saaz hop, maize
Food paring: cure meat, hard cheese and seafood
Country: leuven Belgium.
Tasting notes: a pleasantly bitter and refreshing crisp finish with a distinct pale golden
Introduced: 1926
Style pilsner
Manufacturered by Anheuser-Busch inBev

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Stella Artois History was dated back to as early as 1366, which also identifies the symbol of quality which can be reflected on the Iconic Chalice design which shows uniquin the taste and design

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special thanks to @detlev himself for coming with this great idea and sustaining this challenge this long and also to @felixxx his indeed a boss


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