Craft Beer and Blockchain and understanding the Public Ledgers behind Bitcoin

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It's a Finite Resource with the size dropping in half every 4 years... to 2140 when it goes to zero with a total of 21 million. And who is behind all this? Cryptocurrency is not free to create. It takes a lot of energy and requires developers and miners and users..
All made possible by the Ledger... remember, the public ledger is the blockchain. Yikes ! I need a beer.
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VALIDATE IT ! Miners get to work !

Miners build the public ledgers through the POW - Proof of Work validating transactions, each added to the ledger and SAFE behind added computational work adding to the Chain...

...and no double spending as every Bitcoin transfer requires a Miner to consult the Ledger.

In the public blockchain the transaction validators are thus given great trust BUT their identity is known and these Nodes can be ejected from the network. All of this adds privacy, decentralized, instant, scalable, open source, ....

Beer Break !

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Next Craft Beer wants to blockchain the crafting choices for brewers based on what consumers likes... buying beer with tokens...

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 5.01.44 PM.png

SHA-256 is the algo for bitcoin and Every Ten Minutes ... miners busy sucking power on their computers... group bitcoin transactions into a “block” and turn them into mathematical equations. Then the next miner to find the solution lets the network know.

This POW - Proof of Work system is a major advantage allowing Bitcoin miners to independently find the next block, announcing it to the Network to be validated that the work was done. The blockchain grows.

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 5.03.09 PM.png

I will close with a Gluten-free Double White IPA on tap nearby !

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I did find beer tokens somewhere. I wonder what's that all about...

I duno how useful blockchain or beer wil be buit farming blockchains will allow you to scam the hopps qr code nd see what farm the hopps was from.. if anyoen wants to do that lol but the real solutin here is a blockchain for checking fake IDs at bars etc

But maybe something more useful is a bar that accepts crypto payments, and people who accept bitcoin should accept all the altcoins!

Man we need to hold free bitcoin classes in san diego like at an auditorium somewhere maybe at SDSU or UCSD we can hold a bitcoin class for free and teach the fundamentals AND THEN use it to promote steemit to everyone and get a bunch of people signed up! Ill even help people get accounts instantly using