Australian Beer Review - #1 - Victoria Bitter (VB) - Victoria, Australia

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Australian Beer

The consumption of beer is an Australian tradition. The number of beers produced across the country is growing exponentially, particularly in the craft beer section, every year. In keeping with Aussie tradition and keeping the focus on the amber liquid, this will be the beginning of the Australian Beer Review in support of #teamaustralia members.

The aim of reviewing beer here is to share thoughts on beer types with #teamaustralia members and spread the word on the goodness that we produce in this great country of ours.

Lets begin with the most popular beer in Australia, the humble VB.

Beer Review - #1 - Victoria Bitter (VB)


Brewed by:

Carlton & United Breweries, Australia

Alcohol Content:


Beer Type:



Victoria Bitter has been Australia’s favourite full strength beer brand for many years and currently accounts for 1/3rd of all beer sales in Australia. VB, as it is widely known, was first developed in 1854 at the Victoria Brewery, in Victoria, Australia, as one of the first beers produced by the brewery. It gained huge popularity during the 1960's and 70's as a great beer with a tradition of rewarding Australians who work and play hard as depicted in the following advertisements over the years.

Victoria Bitter Advertisements - Source


Victoria Bitter is available for purchase in:

  • tinnies (375 mL cans).
  • stubbies (short-necked 375 mL bottles).
  • Long Necks (750 mL bottles).
  • "Twisties" or "Throwies" (slang for "Throwdowns", because they are generally consumed within a short period of time) or "Grenades" (250 ml bottles).

Drinkers Review:

VB pours a crystal clear golden colored body with a white creamy head. However, I would rather get my next drink directly from an angry Tasmanian Devil’s tit than drink this swill ever again. It tastes and smells like that sewer fermentation smell you get down in Melbourne docklands in the morning, from the Vegemite factory. Almost the worst beer in the world only consumed when the end of the world is nigh and there are no other options!


0.5 out of 5 Stars

If you would like to contribute and review a beer as part of this series, please drop me a line over at the Discord PAL channel: or leave a comment here.

Lets collaborate and share the goodness that froths and refreshes!

Thanks for reading.

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I use to drink VB about 20 years ago, but we have so many better beers. Please don't do one on XXXX it's a terrible beer. Lol

Did you like the review comments? Perhaps XXXX would be similar? Though I think XXXX is slightly better than VB!

I think it rates more than .5, I would say about a 2, now XXXX is to cover a four letter word like SXHT. Cheers

LoL. Thanks for sharing

Victorians :)

I've always been curious about this particular beer. If encountered in the wild I shall give it a wide berth.

Followed you!

Give it a try. It is just my opinion after all. I am a bit of a beer snob!

Excellent with some beer reviews! As I lived in Brisbane a number of years back, how do you rate this compared to XXXX beers?
I remember one of my favorite came from Tasmania. I tried to find it but am not 100% sure this is the one.

There are two awesome premium beers from Tasmania. One is James Boag (this one) and the other is Cascade Premium. I grew up in Tasmania and my favourite beer is from there, a James Boag XXX Ale. I will definitely review these too. Thanks for reading.

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when i came on a holiday to AUS back in 92,i drunk this stuff like water....
not anymore,had too much of it.
i didnt mind it at all, when we were on a big trip out bush up in the kimberley,a mate flew with his gyro-copter about 150km for my birthday and delieverd a slab of cold VB's and steaks...we didnt had a beer (and it was cold,not only kimberly cold)for days and tasted sooooo gooooood.
i didnt know anything,it was a big surprise,...yes it was.....despite the VB....LOL....

And when you need a beer, you need a beer!! I will drink it, but only as a last resort! Thanks for reading!

thats right...nowadays as you said...last resort....i like the tassie beers...they have a good taste...similar to swiss beers...

I grew up in Tassie and know them well. Lots of reviews on those delightful wonders. My favourite is the James Boag XXX Ale. Ever tried that one?

alright..i know james boags and i like it but im not really an ale no i never had one yet..
one of the flatmate when i was in perth comes originally from Launceston....
i know friends there...and good for fishing,long time ago by now

Exchellent post and very interesting!!
I love beer_))
Beautiful work!! I follow you !

During holidays in Australia I consumed litres of VB. Not to bad fot a mass produced beer. At least keeps the thirst away!

Thanks for reading and commenting! Luckily you survived the VB!


Hahahaha! Love this post. The most Aussie beer gets a 0.5 out of 5. If you were rating with hairstyles this one would get the mullet!

It is a personal review of sorts! There are only a few beers that 'Tasmanian Devil tits' would take precedence over. Thanks for reading!

Our equivalent cheap and nasty beer in the USA was Natural Light and Milwaukee's Best. Pretty much good for only one thing.

Not true jasonstaggers, there are plenty of good quality handcrafted Australian beers, their just run down by the big boys like vb, vomit brewery :)

There are no doubt heaps of great craft beers around this great land.

And I will attempt to drink, I mean, review all of them here!

Lol so true, stuff is aweful.

So this explains our previous discussion ; ) nice post Scotty.

Thanks SK. I am sure there will need to be some refreshments for the #steemwars!

With all due respect, I have a very ignorant question. Is it true that Aussies don't drink Fosters? We don't get many other Australian beers where I live. I do like that VB bottles in the Stubby though!! Cheers from @steempub-trail!

Howdy. Fosters is not a big seller in Australia. You can buy it, but its not that common, even though it is an Aussie beer. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more reviews.