Craft Beer Festival In Edmonton - Day Two

in beer •  5 months ago

As I promised you yesterday here is the second part of the Edmonton beer festival.

It was a great experience. My knowledge and taste are very limited regarding beer and I learned a lot of new stuff.

There are so many different kinds of beers that are way beyond my imagination and it's impossible to try them all. Some are good, and some are really weird. I could also say bad or even disgusting.

They add all kinds of ingredients. Like coriander, spruce tips, coffee beans, etc..


But maybe I should file an application for the beer university and educate myself a bit about brewing.


A nice beer barrel is always a good magnet for the beer lovers.


I liked this one. It's brewed in Germany and has a familiar taste to me.


We need sponsors for every event. The big liquor store chain was one of them. They put on display their selection.

I won't name them. They should pay for my promotion of their brand at least with a fat upvote.

I hope we'll get there one day.


Now you can see why we need The Beer University.

Enlarge this photo and you'll be surprised.


I Europe beer from Chech is well known and valued.


True Alberta.

Wild and free.


Made in China.


Brewers are always ready to explain in details about their special products.


Monster truck with beer barrel on the roof and pretty DJ in the back.

Do you need more ?



Maybe an extra shot before you go home.

Why not?

You already screwed and you need to call a Taxi anyway.

1$ upvote for the best excuse to your wife. Why you needed a Taxi ride home?

The best comment on yesterday's question was from @masterboom and he got an upvote I promised.

He well described the stage 7 in a brewing process. It looks like he attended some classes at the beer university.

Monday is here and we are back to our daily routine making plans for the next weekend.

Have a great week, my friends.

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Tell her, “Have you tried hanging out with my friends sober recently?” She will understand then.

First time seen pictures of this festival .

My excuse is, i am still not married ha ha, and by the way i don't drink beer and this doesn't mean I've never had ha ha. Great to know about the Beer University and in my opinion no matter an university will be filled with students or not but Beer University would be full because everybody will get the chance to understand the beer to deep extent and they can improve their choices in beer. And all set of sponsors are cool to watch because it's reflecting as every stuff are kept for the exhibition and i hope that you will get Fat upvote for the promotion. And literally speaking that spider chart is really surprising to watch and that's reflects as it's literally an professional Beer University. Thanks for sharing this post with us and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

beer is liquor, enjoy it to you @oldtimer

All photo looking so attractive

I need to enroll! The origin of beer diagram is invaluable, almost as much as this blog!

the beer you familiar with what feel you when you taste beer, enjoy, @oldtimer,☺️

Looks like the beer university diagram has a major error @oldtimer. It is missing the third and in my opinion most important category, that of bitter.

This is a major omission since it is where British beer started and has recently experienced somewhat of a well deserved revival with wonderful micro breweries springing up all over the place.

Lager and ale are OK at times but you can't beat a good bitter. 😁

Am thirsty already i want to drink 4 liters. Pls what is the alcohol percentage. Do we have it in nigeria

interesante informacion.

Must have been an amazing festival. Looks awesome plus beers! #yey hope you had fun

Must have been an amazing festival. Looks awesome plus beers! #yey hope you had fun

That looks like a real good time. Love me some craft beer

The beer university seems Western biased... I don't see the ancient Egyptian brewers on the flow chart! But it definitely looks like information overload and you're right Monster Truck, Pretty DJ and Keg of Beer... no need to venture any further!

Just tell your wife you took a taxi to show solidarity with the taxi drivers because Uber is stealing all their fares!

Lol. You tell your wife that the car engine developed a fault along the road

Same here , do not have that much idea of it but seems like it sure was a nice festival to get to and quite as well ;)

While the Monster beer truck looks the coolest to me ;)

I just heard there is a festival like this

Drink but don't get intoxicated.

Oh yes, I have my diploma! ;0)

In the liquor shop photo they have an old favourite of mine Banana Bread beer. It's amazing despite sounding weird.

wuao there are many variety of beers look very rich, I would like to try some, amazing experience good job boy

You tell your wife, your boss promised you a new car, so you stopped driving the old one because you didnt want to live in the past and because of this you and filled and drunken with joy.
Who knows she might also join you in getting drunk, plus you get to do it over again for a week till you tell her your boss was replaced.

very tasty beer drinks,really great work,success is always my brother,@oldtimer

Gracias @oldtimer por mostrarnos las fotografias de ese gran festival de la cerveza

Wow is too much beer, did you try to call your attention? Everything looks great thank you for sharing

My cousin who is probably way more experienced when it comes to beer actually has an app where you can list and rate every beer you have already drunk. I think he has tasted around 75 at this point.

I am probably a bit too late for the excuse part, but I go either

  1. Not excusing at all. Just stick to the truth and take whatever she may throw at you like the man you are!
  2. Something funny. Tell her that the taxi driver was drunk and had to be driven home by you. You also had to spend some money on getting ingredients for an anti-hangover-cocktail that works 100% of the time.

It looks like great event to visit for everyone who loves craft beer.

This is a wonderful job. In which beer is being made.

my foto


Ne volim da koristim izraz ne volim, ali kad je korijander u pitanju, moram. :) Kome bi palo na pamet da postoji pivo i sa tim ukusom? Slike pokazuju da su svi preduslovi za veselu i zabavnu atmosferu spremni, sve ostalo je u ljudima. I grafikon je moćan. Za vrsne poznavaoce potrebna je istinska edukacija. Hvala vam @oldtimer na zanimljivom sadržaju.