Having an APFEL STRUDEL... But is it actually a strudel?

in #beer4 years ago

Well, lets try it and have a bite... oh, a sip I mean! Yes, this is a Bulgarian craft beer, named after this yummy dessert.


It's acually a Brown Ale with added apples and some delicious spices, used in winter pies and treats. Although we didn't have a cold winter at all, this beer was able to bring some special holiday spirit to me. The Rhombus craft brewery is famous with their experiments with beers and almost every time they manage to brew some magical beers.


I really haven't drunk special beers like this one lately and I was missing that special feeling a lot. This one I will definitely remember. Full body, nice and deep brown color, fruity aroma and some spicy finish in the nose. Definitely a heavy winter beer, which warms up the body and the soul of the lucky drinker.

So if you happen to come to Bulgaria, make sure that you search for this exact brewery. Their beers are worth every cent. This beer was a present to me, but I believe that you can find it at about $2,5 for a 330ml bottle.

See you soon!

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