Hadouken - Shebeen Brewing Company - Beer Review

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Hadouken - Shebeen Brewing Company

Beer Review

Hadouken is a 6% alcohol/volume New England Style IPA made by Shebeen Brewing Company in Wolcott, Connecticut. Shebeen Brewing Company was launched in 2013 and has built a reputation as a great contract brewery for other local beer makers. They are home to the 'Cannoli Beer' made with select European grains, cream, nutmeg, cinnamon and vanilla to create a beer that simulates the famous Italian dessert pastry. The Hadouken IPA has subtle notes of peach and apricot in the juicy New England-style beer. It's made with Simcoe, Cascade, Citra and Pacifica hops.


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The Can

The Hadouken IPA is served in a 4-pack of full pint cans. I picked them up at a local package store. The can features a cool karate dude holding a pint of beer in his hand. Although he is a karate master and can probably kick our ass, this guy looks super friendly and happy with his beer. The background is themed like the old-school Street Fighter video game. 'Hadouken' is a special attack performed by characters in Street Fighter.



The Beer

The Hadouken was a bright hazy orange color when I poured it into a glass. The beer looked fuzzy and soft to the eyes. After a sip, the taste of peach and apricot burst into the mouth. It was juicy and extremely crushable. Overall the Hadouken was a refreshing New England-style IPA with a juicyness that will sock you right in the mouth. I look forward to trying more beer from the Shebeen Brewing Company in the future.


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I can just taste it through the picture. It looks good! I'll have to see if I can find some

I like the friendly karate dude on the label, the beer looks good too!!

Nice one, looks solid this one... I can almost taste it from your description, and it would be right up my street... The Karate man reminds me of the guy in the local pub who falls over and lands on his arse, but magically he doesn't spill a drop of his pint.. #Pint-ninja

Another sensational looking IPA - I can almost taste the fruity hops from here.

Please, share with us the complete story after the KO. XD

Do they also have a beer called shiruken? That would be awesome! It looks very tasty for an IPA :)


Haha I don't think so, but perhaps it's coming sooon!

Wow I really like the art work on that Beer!!! Too bad that it isn't that tasty but probably a nice souvenirs for at home. Great Post thank you!!!