Castle Danger Brewing Company's Castle Cream Ale - An Amateurish Beer Review

in #beer4 years ago

Last night I found myself struggling to wind down for the evening, and decided to take a walk. I found a local tavern along the road and decided to stop in and see what was on tap. Along with the usual macrobrews, they had this in the lineup. I decided to try a pint.

It was not a wise choice. There are good midwestern microbrews, but this is not one of them.

First off, it was watery. Worse than many light beers. The carbonation was off, too. The mouthfeel was all wrong.

Second, it tasted bland. The malt and hops profiles were uninteresting. It didn't say, "we make beer," it said "we have no idea what we are doing."

These are unforgiveable sins, especially for a beer on tap. Not recommended at all.



If you are in Latvia, pour the beer to Tervet. They are alive, and unusually tasty!

I've had this before and i very much liked it

I suppose all beer reviews need a "Your Mileage May Vary" caveat, and maybe I just had a bad batch or something.

In all fairness, I also had their IPA, and it wasn't bad.

Thanks for post, follow you

Interesting info. Thanks for sharing.

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