Blackhook Porter - An Amateurish Beer Review

in #beer4 years ago

blackhook porter

Redhook Brewery makes a brew called Blackhook Porter. It's a seasonal release, available between January and April according to their website. I decided to give it a try. Serving: 12-oz. bottle.

It's about what one would expect from a decent porter, actually. Up front, it's a bit bitter. It doesn't feel or taste watery. Carbonation is present, but not overbearing. There's a definite hop kick in there too, but not too much. The aftertaste seems to have a molasses-like dominant flavor. It's smoother than Guinness. ABV is 5.2%, so it's not especially strong, but it's more than cheap lagers tend to offer.

If you like dark beer, consider this one. I recommend it.


Beer always gets my up vote - added to #beer-trail

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