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What a raining day with this great beer satzenbrau. It all started with a friend who visited and insisted we get some tipsy, so we approach a local beer parlor
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Brewed by: Guinness Company
Style: Pale Lager
Serve in: Bottle
Ingredient: sorghum, sucrose Barley Malt, Water.
Taste. Long medium dry finish
Alcoholic content: 5%
Color: Brown with white head
Aroma: hoppy mild with hop Aroma
Flavor: Tangy

Satzenbrau premier lager beer had been in existing in Nigeria since 1962. Satzenbrau was at sometimes banned from the Nigerian market and re-launched in November 2006 into the Nigerian market. Satzenbrau premier lager beer is a beer produced in Nigerian market with an international identity. Satzenbrown beer lager was specifically made with an extra carefully filtered content to satisfied the demand of Nigerian beer cosumers.
Drink with swag and modality. many thanks to my Boss @felixxx for his support
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image source. Pictures were taken with infinix hot 7


Looks like a great beer!! Cheers!!

thanks. it been awhile

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