Refreshing myself with life lager beer

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Life lager beer is a continental beer which has long being consumer’s choice in Nigeria. Life continental beer gives Nigerian beer lovers sense of ownership for the first time in their history. Every Nigerian beer lovers has an inheritance tied to life lager beer.

IMG_20180522_222803_652.jpgenjoying myself before watching football

Brewed by: Guinness Company (Diageo)
Style: Pale Lager
Serve in: Bottle
Ingredient: Barley Malt, sorghum, sucrose, hops
Taste. Light crisp
Color: light honey
Aroma: grainy Aroma (grains, malt and wheat)
Characteristics: Refreshing.
Appearance: clear deep golden, dense lasting bright head,
Palate: grainy
Flavor: grainy pills and dry finish

Due to the growing desired by Nigerians and beer lovers all over the world, life continental beer was launched in 2011 into the Nigerian market

IMG_20180522_223023_390.jpgRefreshing myself before watching my darling Chelseas

My personal description of life continental beer
Life is better enjoyed when life continental lager beer is being shared. To me this is what makes life lager beer a brand with a great taste and value.
Promoting and refreshing a life-long culture, given a heritage of progress to it consumer. Do help yourself by taking a chilled life continental beer for the weekend


special thanks to @felixxx for his constant support and advice and to all beer lovers all over the world.

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