Legend extra stout

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Legend extra stout is a unique bitter beer which was brewed and bottled using the highest quality ingredient available in Nigeria. The Name legend extra stout suggest power (Authority) and solid reputation. Legend extra stout is the only beer real men consumed in Nigeria.

Title: Legend extra stout
Beer type: stout
Color: Light honey color
Taste: Mild malty body, hint of caramel sweetness, hop
Aromas start out spicy and herbal
Stocked: Stocked in 60cl bottle, English pint, Snifter
Brewed by: Nigerian Breweries PLC (Heineken)
Food paring: cure meat, hard cheese and seafood
Tasting notes: a pleasantly bitter and refreshing crisp finish


Legend extra stout beer is a beer with a great flavor which undergoes a special brewing process with locally made content. It is called the REAL DEAL in my locality by the people who consumed them


Legend extra stout beer is an unequal premium stout with a great difference, fully brewed from the natural substance of international standard. The name suggested authority and reputation.

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