Harp Premium Lager Beer

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Waking up this morning with the news that the Supreme Court had nullified the governorship victory of the all progressive congress (APC) in the just concluded Zamfara State election, supporters of the oppositions Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) troop out in mass celebrating the down fall of APC as the victory was given to the PDP Candidate. The new governor elect decided to go on mass celebration to his victory in the Supreme Court, all bars, beer lounge gave out beer for free as it is the norm in Nigeria. me and my friends go for one of my favorite beer Harp Lager beer.


Harp premium lager beer for some times now had been one of the most consumed beer in the country due to it growing popularity on a daily basis and the fact that it is accepted for celebration


Taste. Crisp/bready/grainy.
Brewed by: Guinness Company
Style: Pale Lager
Serve in: Lager glass, Shaker and Bottle
Ingredient: Water, Barley Malt, Hops, yeast and Cereal grains
Alcoholic content: 5.0%
Bottle size: 600 ml
Color: brown with white head
Aroma: grains, malt and wheat
Appearance: golden, dense lasting bright head,
Palate: grainy
Flavor: Tangy


The growing demand for continental beer in Africa, Britain and Ireland lead to incorporation of Harp premium Lager beer in 1960 by the Guinness Company which was introduced into the Nigerian market in 1974, within a short while, it took over the beer market in Nigerian due to it Crisp/bready/grainy test as it left you with no handover. Enjoying chilled harp lager beer during weekends gives me maximum satisfaction


Always consume in accordance to your strengths, not to forget yourself
Special thanks to my Boss @felixxx for his constant support God bless you in thousand fold.
Always endeavor to vote for me in respect to my entry in the #beerSaturday contest as hosted by @detlev.


Nobody gave out free beer here in South Africa, after the elections!!

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