harp premium lager beer

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After the bloody Rerun election in the state, i thought it will be a wise decision to cold my nerves. consuming harp lager beer on a sunny day like makes the tipsy and refreshment more fun. Harp lager beer is one of those beers we loves sharing with friends, we believe naturally this great beer is fun and compliment a mans busy day.

Gimba in the neighborhood


Brewed by: Guinness Company (Diaego)
Style: Pale Lager
Ingredient: Water, Barley Malt, Hops, yeast and Cereal grains
Taste. Crisp/bready/grainy.
Alcoholic content: 5.0%
Bottle size: 600 ml
Color: Deep red/brown with white head
Aroma: subtle grainy Aroma (grains, malt and wheat)
Appearance: clear deep golden, dense lasting bright head,
Palate: grainy
Flavor: Tangy (light medium bitterness/sweetness, grainy pills and dry


Harp premium lager beer was incorporated in 1960 by Guinness Company (Diageo) which was later introduced to Nigeria in 1974, within a short while, it took over market within a short period of time

special thanks to @felixxx for his constant support and advice,

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pictures were captured with my phone Hot 5

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