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The victory of the current Nigeria President Gen. Muhammed Buhari re-elect after the 2019 election, came with exclamation to every Nigerian Face.
As the election went with less violence, most of the beer drinkers decided to celebrate the victory of Gen. Muhammed Buhari with 33 export lager beer as the victory came with surprise even though there were some allegation later emerging on how the election was rigged. 33 beer lager is a beer with an international quality and quantity belonging to the Nigerian Brewery Company.
here we are in week 99. it indeed nice been part of this challenge. It was indeed a great moment with 33 export beer.


Brewed by: Guinness Company
Style: Pale Lager
Ingredient: Barley Malt, sorghum, sucrose, hops.
Taste. It has a slight bit of caramel flavor with cracker.
Alcoholic content: 5.0 %
Bottle size: 60 ml
Color: light color
Aroma: (hoppy) mild hop Aroma
Appearance: light yellow


33 export lager is an international beer which was made in Nigeria in 1979. This beer is usually served in 60cl while others preferred it to be served in 33cl respectably.33 beer export is a beer is well incorporated to complete a man satisfaction and generally to calm his nerves after a hectic day of activities
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Looks ice. I am glad the elections went well, here in South Africa we will have elections on Wednesday (8 May), I hope all goes well too!! I will put the beer in the fridge in the mean time, to celebrate the outcome!!

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