Beer reviews - Port Arthur by Volkovskaya Brewery

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Despite the fact that this week is a holiday weekend in Russia, I have not relaxed and worked every day and Friday night was a kind of reward for work. I got myself three bottles of Port Arthur dark porter from Volchensk brewery, some spicy chips and smoked sausages and had a great evening!


The actual name of the beer is a reference to the Russo-Japanese War and the fortress city of the same name in the Yellow Sea. In case you didn't know, the defense of Port Arthur was the longest battle of the Russo-Japanese War. During the siege of Port Arthur such new weapons as 11-inch guns, rapid-fire howitzers, machine guns, barbed wire barricades and hand grenades were widely used. According to one version, the fortress of Port Arthur was the birthplace of a new weapon: the mortar.

Actually the effect of this beer is very reminiscent of this weapon. It goes in easily and reaches the stomach and covers with a pleasant wave.

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This dark beer has been on sale here for a couple of years now, but they've made some changes to the recipe that make the taste even brighter and more striking. It's all about the malt - in addition to the usual barley beer, a variety with the telling name of "special double caramel" and "chocolate" is used in the production of the beer. he result is a rare dry porter that's full of chocolate, coffee, nuts, bitterness and burnt sugar. No nasty sourness and a very nice dense brown foam, which settles rather quickly.


The first version of this beer, which by the way was much more expensive, used flavoring and by replacing it with natural malt the producer only benefited, so hopefully the Volkov brewery will continue to develop the recipe of this beer and make it even better in the next version.

Subjective rating 4 out of 5.

p.s. Special praise for the wolf - the mascot of this company. the design of the character corresponds to their product :)

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