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Bitcoin and beer, man’s best friends. Taking a break from alts is refreshing. No chance of getting rich quickly, but a sure way to keep your profits in these uncertain times. I let it simmer and went on a pub crawl. New cool looking place opened up.

I guessed right! Bitcoin’s RSI was high and it retraced a bit, all the way to 5700$. I think we won’t see it below that and it’s bound for another leg up. @bulleth gave thumbs up for my prediction and it means a lot. He is a master trader so check out his posts.

Alts seem tasty to get on board but I’m afraid of how BTC price will affect it. When they start holding par with Bitcoin that will be my cue to get back in. Till then, only beer my friends.

I tried to illustrate BTC support levels, so who knows. If you set up low open order you just might luck out!

The Pub at the End of the World is the new hubbub of old, worn and weary punks and skins. Find it on Mesnička Street. The melodies reminded me of my teenage years. Only punk rock and rage against the Establishment. In a way I continue that mission by investing into Bitcoin. Only under much more lucrative terms.

Lovely beer selection. Only really good local craft. Affordable price tags, I hope it stays that way.

We had a few classics I already reviewed. La Dolce Vita, Zmajska Porter, Nova Runda APA. Yummie!

Next stop - rock n roll theme park. @healthyhoney found her naughty side in the embrace of the Croatian king of funk. Dino Dvornik - a new addition. I really like his stuff. I’ll link a Youtube video at the end.

Camera: Cell phone - Moto G4 Plus 16MP

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"Bitcoin and beer...a man's best friend." Great quote. Glad you enjoyed yourself.

a best and truth quote 😍 same here bro i enjoyed that quote too 😉

hey @buzzbeergeek as you said in your post bitcoin will go up i think it will cross the resistance which is 6000 dollars . i really belive that bitcoin will go up as long as possible and maybe it will become on 7000 dollars ,why not ?? because i remeber when it was 1 BTC =2000 dollars and look now a days we have 1BTC=5700 dollars what amazing !!! this is what we call a freat growup "devloppement" ;)
peace ;)

This is same like a great sauce...let it simmer...the more it simmer the better the taste will be!
Those arrows gave me some nice ideas for a grill restaurant that i am planning to open soon!
Thanks for sharing mate!

I find it too stressful and time-consuming to buy in and out of all these coins. Plus I am pretty sure I would lose doing that.
The only way I can see, at least for me, is to buy some each month, stick thrm in a wallet , forget about them and then come back and check on them in 2 years

Looks like a cool bar!


What do you think about new song by Dubioza Kolektiv featuring Dino Dvornik: Treba mi zraka?

You can't go wrong with Dino!

Agreed dino rocks 😂

Love the arrows by the entrance! Looks like a great place.

yah nice post my friend, i believe in history repeats itself, if we look back in 2010 no body knows about facebook and once there active users increases they suddenly becomes viral sort of thing and now uses worldwide, same case with bitcoin now the peoples are starting to adopt the bitcoin and blockchain and the way it is growing i personally see a 8000$ bitcoin. thanks for sharing

I had exactly the same thought when i sold about 400 VIA coin last week only to see it has gone up 60% now...... I dont get change in months. but when i do i Fk up ;D

I would not have known that Croatian funk was so enjoyable if it wasn't for you and @healthyhoney.

punks looks cool place haha lol

Wonderful post././././

thanks for information beer and bitcoin
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cheers bruh 😂

@buzzbeergeek I have not read it yet but I am sure it is a very beautiful subject. I wanted to write a comment, maybe you will see it (upvote, resteem, comment) :). I wish I could continue my successes, I expect to continue sharing. I will try to comment on every share. Good bye for now .

Beer is good

check smartcash out...may be one of the ones to look into in the coming months...also 1554 -
and @bulleth if you have any thoughts on smartcash would love to read hear em

Bitcoin and beer also oldest friends forever... Dont be tired. Sometime bitcoin prices low down. bUt however immediately rise up. Why you not trust BTC market? As my mind Bitcoin will be "king" of the cryptocurrency.
Resteemed your post @buzzbeergeek

Nice and informative post....thanks for sharing with us @buzzbeergeek

Beerocklock - nice pictures - now I need one too!

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upvote and resteem

What could be a better night than bitcoin an beer

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