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You could possibly earn from other posting there too! Yes! That’s right! Not only do your posts let you earn, now everybody with the same interests gets you a piece of the pie. Where’s the catch? You have to invest into your desired subsection. Guess which one is my primary interest! Yup, it’s beer.

Image source by @clixmoney - nice general ChainBB overview

But who made it?

@jesta, a longtime developer who has advanced skills in coding new crypto magicks. I chatted with him a few times and he seems determined to keep at it. Also, I seriously doubt he is looking only to grease his own pockets. I went so far as to hand him over my private posting key once when I had trouble posting. So far so good. He didn’t even ask me to pay him for his help. Needless to say, no posting trouble for me now.

What is ChainBB? Is it safe?

As safe as you can get in crypto land. I trust it. You need to use your private posting key to get in and interact but no one will ask for your master password. It works same as if you used it during this recent Time of Troubles (lag issues) over ChainBB just has a forum interface. It is the closest anyone has got to the announced ‘communities’. Something that makes posts visible in different way other than standard hot/trending/promoted sections.

I believe this is the only gateway for new users to be seen and heard. All in all, this kind of layout promotes inclusion and interaction, especially with new users.

Is it free?

Well.. No. You get 75% of your post and 25% goes to the curators. You know that right?

If you post it over ChainBB, the platform takes another 15% which nets you a minimum of 60% in the end. @jesta upvoted people who posted and commented through ChainBB in the past and now he is thinking a plan on how to re enable it again. Problem is with the abusers, of course. Maybe there is a friendly whale who would kickstart it again. I remember @cryptoctopus helping out some time ago.

There just isn’t a way to keep it free and for @jesta to continue his efforts. That’s why he wants your help now!

How can I contribute and earn with ChainBB?

You can reserve your subsection and manage it. For example I reserved beer and now I can decide what tags this will it include. I didn’t forget to add #beersaturday of course. It costs 10 STEEM now to reserve it so be quick and choose wisely. Maybe cn and kr are to your liking?

When the whole setup rolls you’ll probably get an option to ‘buy out’ the percentage of every post that gets written over ChainBB. For example 10% from #beer posts goes to @jesta and 5% goes to @buzzbeergeek as an owner and moderator of ‘Beer’ subsection. You can hire henchmen who get a cut too. For example 2.5% to buzzbeergeek and 2.5% to @detlev (creator of #beersaturday). Anyway, the exact setup still needs to be worked out. But you get the gist of it.

You get 1% of the rewards right now if you reserve your spot with 10 STEEM!

What would it take for you to use ChainBB to write your posts? Be blunt.

If you want any tags associated with Photography, Life and Beer feel free to say! I’m just getting used to it.

This post has been written using ChainBB.

Technical details and official info here:

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#beersaturday is in its 20th edition. Prizes are bigger than ever before! More info at @detlev!

If you want your post to be featured here send me a message. I take tips.

I offer good curation rewards if you’d like to follow my trail! Find me in chat or discord. Same username. Earn while you sleep! Expect @professorbromide, @cheftony, @derrick829, @anejosua’s vote and many more when I upvote! If you liked their vote, show some love back!


I dont know. I can see the advantage of getting in early and creating a community, but another 15% of my rewards seems like a high price to pay.

I realize that the 15% goes to pay for his time and costs, but would rather put those efforts and costs to improving

Just to play devil's advocate here a bit - if I put that time and effort into improving, there wouldn't be any rewards for my work.

I also fundamentally want to build something different than, because isn't my preferred kind of website :)

I'm in no means hating on the idea or the site. I'm just simply stating I don't think it's for me.

I'm all for people creating something better and earning money from it. I would rather keep that 15% of my earnings is all unless that 15% is going to get my some sort of ROI.

Just to play devil's advocate ;) prove to me that 15% I lose on the site gets me more views and upvotes (a better ROI) and I'll sign up in a heart beat.

Absolutely, and to each his own! I just wanted to put down the other side.

As for proving it gets more views and upvotes - that's not my goal. My goal isn't to give a platform for you (or others) to individually earn more rewards, it's to provide a platform that allows groups of people to better collaborate and talk, while still earning some rewards.

Steemit is the blogging platform and by all means keep your blog posts and things you want high visibility there, but hopefully people will find some value in chainBB as the discussion platform where we don't have to worry about pretty images and
fonts, and can focus on ideas and each other.

I appreciate the dialog and I need that opposing view point, thanks! :)

it's to provide a platform that allows groups of people to better collaborate and talk, while still earning some rewards.

but hopefully people will find some value in chainBB as the discussion platform where we don't have to worry about pretty images and fonts, and can focus on ideas and each other.

OOOOOOO I get it now! Thanks for sharing! That helped me better understand the niche it's trying to fill

so if I post on chainbb right now, I will get an upvote? where do I pay the 10 steem? is it like the bot? I am sorry but I don't understand

No, it wouldn't affect your upvotes. For now at least.

Too much info for a Steemit noob like me... :)

i have use it for some times, and it is kind of very cool forum like platform,

I have been using chainbb for commenting for a while now, havent really looked to much at the forums or communities I must now look into it

its an awesome tool, i need to use it more.

This is a bit off topic, I know, but what do you think of Warsteiner Pilsener?

Pilseners are my least favorite style in general. Can't remember tasting that one but I wouldn't hesitate!

I like it. I prefer beers with a clean, crisp taste. But I'm definitely going to follow your blog to learn more about what is out there.

Too much info for a Steemit noob like me... :)

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