Best beer I've had in my life

in #beerlast year

So last week this beer was released that caught my attention because of how much it had going on in the description. It is a "Sour Double IPA with lactose, coconut, passionfruit, and green tea". This beer is the most well balanced, fruity, sour, hoppy beer that I have possibly ever tried. Too bad this is a limited release so I won't be able to get it for very long. But this is kind of a new trend in beer, they are calling them "Milkshake IPAs" presumably because of the lactose as a sweetener makes it creamy and sweet, and I highly recommend you try one if you can find one. Keep in mind, these milkshake IPAs are best fresh, so check the date on the can. If you can score one within the first few weeks of release, or get it on tap from the brewery, you will get the best flavor profile possible.