Another cool chart of the BEER token

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Hey Steeminas, dear BEER lovers

today I got the fun to play again with some cool tools.

The wonderful @bluerobo explained in his post ho to handel the source informations and I did a bit Excel around this.

Chart from 26th of Mai to 19th of October


Here you see
Daily High - the green line with red dots
Daily Low - the blue line
Daily Trade Volume of Steem - the grey graph
Trendline of Daily High the red doted line

This week facts

We had again only a little grow, but this is fine as more and more people buy and sell BEER

This week high in was 0.44 Steem for a BEER and this week low 0.299 Steem for a BEER

Trend is still a little up and let's see what next week brings

How to do this with any SE token

I copied the idea from @bluerobo, but as I mention him for his great work, he might be happy. ;-)

Just 4 steps to get the data

  1. This is the call I used for the above data:
  2. Convert the raw .json data into .csv:
    Convert the time stamp from Unix Time into human time in Excel with this formula: =(((B2/60)/60)/24)+DATUM(1970;1;1) B2 is a placeholder for the cell to be converted
  3. Depending on your country settings you might have to convert the decimal format from '.' to ',' (from point to comma). It may be necessary to specify the format of date and numbers columns.
  4. Than I did my Excel magic

Chart from 26th of Mai to 8th of October

chart of BEER 20191008 221819.png

Stay tuned for more information

The team behind this - mainly fun and community orientated - token is working on some tools and will be ready soon.

if you like fun and beer and blockchain,
have a look to the BEER token

Enjoy the BEER token


Your thirsty @BeerLover


Nice chart. Somebody living in the Southern Hemisphere? Beer very cheap in high Summer and more expensive in Autumn...

Hmm, I don't know who this might be. But all this Europeans drink all year round some great !BEER

Let's see how BEER will go up with price and how thirsty the next summer will be....

Hey @deathcross, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

Useful info about the price tracking. I seem to be getting sent beer from people but my fridge no longer fills up. Not sure why?

Let's see. I love testing.

Here is a !BEER and this means you get 0.1 BEER more into your fridge

Ah wait.. 0.1 BEER and not 1.0 BEER? Maybe it was working all along.. that's quite a chop in the beverage Mr Detlev!

I have heard of shrinking Mars bars but this goes to anther level.. I could die of thirst!

LOL - yes, there where some changes a while ago.

We are working on some new function to send BEER as the first (f)airdrop with 12000 Free BEER went fine.

You get now even more BEER for all the BEER you staked.

And for each 6 staked BEER you can call the @BeerLover one time a day to deliver a free BEER to someone....


calling the "! BEER" at 17:29:52



Hey @slobberchops, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

Thx and a !BEER

Hey @robibasa, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

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Darauf ein frisch gezapftes !BEER LGG

Hey @beerlover, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

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