My First Beer Review!

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disclaimer; I might be biased because beer always tastes better after snowboarding

I’m not usually much of a beer drinker, but every now and then the occasion calls for beer. I drank enough beer in my youth to last a lifetime, so now that I’m a responsible adult I drink wine 😉. I sometimes drink a kozioscko pale ale at the snow, but today they didn’t have any so I bought a local lager.


It’s surprisingly dark and heavy for a lager, but I’m cool with that. It’s got a nice flavour and is a refreshing mix between a larger and an ale.

I give it 4 out of 5 inexperienced beer reviewers. 😊


Ha. Ha.

I got sick the first time I drank beer, age 18,......never have I drank one again.

If I drink it is typically with our son. I have learned to enjoy a good glass of Moscato. This last Sunday I had a Mimosa. He ordered ME one because HE had never tried it. Review: it was ok, should have been icy cold I thought but it was like room temperature. :(

(see Sunday's post)

Cheers beer!

Welcome to the beer review team, I look forward to more of them and wow dude!!! You snowboard that's epic. One day I will attempt it

Haha - thanks - I’m not sure how epic my snowboarding is really - but I love it! ...Maybe I’ll have to drink more beer so I can do more reviews!

I'm glad you've jumped into the reviewing sphere. Hehe.

I always thought a lager was an amber ale. Interesting! Maybe a beer tour is on the cards to up your beer knowledge!

Take care.

Hey Nick 😊

You’re probably right. I haven’t really got a clue what I’m talking about! Lol

I grew up with beer but just called it beer, and didn’t learn the word lager until I was overseas. All I know is they drank it warm and with too much froth over there!

Sounds like you need to do a wine review then! Keep pushing those alcoholic boundaries.