Beer Review: New Belgium Abbey Dubbel

in beer •  9 months ago

I am normally a pretty big fan of New Belgium beers. Other than being bored with seeing Fat Tire everywhere, their other offerings are usually solid, if unspectacular.

Seeing the Abbey Dubbel in the stores, I was drawn to the package art first. I admit I do judge a new beer on its packaging first, since I have nothing else to go by.

Sitting at a reasonable 7% abv, it's not a heavy hitter, but it still could hit you if you have a couple.

Nice bottle art, looks mature and adult.

Not a sunny day or a decent backdrop, but we get to see a good head and deep, rich color.

A tall head after a slow pour, nice and pillowy, and remains throughout the duration of consumption.

All in all, a good beer, but not particularly deep. It was malty and a bit sweet, no particular esters, no particular hops. It has a familiar, comfortable flavor. I'd probably get it again, but only if I had no better options (a Chimay or Westmalle or St Bernardus, for instance). For domestic (USA), it's cheap and drinkable.

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