Use this thing in the kitchen to avoid the problem of bee dying...

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The effect of bee stem often appears in the form of very sharp pain, swelling, heading, warming of the affected area and irritation.However it is all temporary and there is usually no however, if flies are allergic or face multiple sticks then there may be a problem.When the bee stains it's stimulus runs in the skin after which a toxic substance becomes part of the sim which causes pain and other symptoms.If you do not have allergic stains or severe allergy reactions with bee stunts, then it can also be treated at home.Rather, it should be said that most of the treatments are available in your kitchen.But first remove the stain from the nail or something so that at least toxic substance becomes part of the skin.After that, drain the affected portion with soap and water,If possible, keep the ice in the ding space, which helps reduce the absorption of poison as well as reducing inflammation.Other household breaks are as follows.Honey is the pain of the stings, but can help treat scabies.For this purpose, apply a small amount of honey in the affected area and leave the skin place with a loose strip for one hour.Baking Soda Water and make a paste by mixing baking soda apply her thick layer on the affected area,After which, after removing the paste from the bandage for fifteen minutes,If needed add this paste again,It will reduce pain, pepper and swelling.Apple syrup This vinegar can also help reduce the effect of the bee poison,Keep the affected section drowned for apple head for at least 15 minutes or put the strip or cloth in that circle and apply it on the affected area.Take some quantity of tooth paste to the affected area and leave for a while.Which can reduce the effect of bee poison.Apply in the affected area spreen tablet or applying a tablet paste,

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