my bedroom I always feel comfortable staying in my house

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My bedroom Here I live, it's my bedroom I always feel comfortable staying in my house. I like it. If I have no work at all, then I do not go outside. My house is heaven to me I have a capable wife. He is my friend I always love to serve. Helps in different things. To be honest, he is a very nice man, very beautiful. Maybe I can not repay his debt. Each of the things in his house is arranged in his hand and his lucky hand touches. Every thing carries the characteristics of its taste. From the bed bed bed, sofa sealing, decoration, everything he has done with his handsome hand. I am not a rich or a very rich person in the world. But I am one of the happiest people in the world. The Creator did not make a rich person, but made a happy successful man. Got a worthy life partner. Maybe I do not have any precious gemstone, or am rich or not. I have received a quality of good character, beautiful minded companion.
How did you feel about my bedroom decorated with my wife's hand? I would be happy to comment. You all be well May God bless everyone, be healthy and happy, and all should pray, get a quality, good character, get a life partner of a beautiful mind, and pray.

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Es preciosa tu habitacion...y te felicito por esa compañera maravillosa que tienes los dos debeis de sentiros orgullosos de teneros el uno del otro...besos y que Dios os siga bendiciendo.

Hermano, felicitaciones para ti
El creador te mantiene bien

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