SUSTAINABLE proposals , please

in because •  12 days ago 

not insults to intelligence


she's just here because she's SO pretty and the guy got jealous last time, she can obviously not sing for shit and the band sucks ass


you dont wanna hear the local

but i know the world as it turns

feel free to disagree , these posts are at zero anyway

the only person in the world i have heard say something sensible about twitter even once is Grant Cardone, and this is like 0.01% of that

you're NOT trying too hard and you're also not trying hard enough

if those things are on your mind

you're probably a tortured person

only once every five minutes

thats a new one, but probably not a bad one

dont see the humour?

used to being always right ?

i'll upload one steem once more

its the freaks you want, sweetie ... you're a fringe community
not talking to ojou-sama

1 steem i guess ?

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