Togo to whom it was caused This evil action

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ogo to whom it was caused This evil action was inflicted by offense and in this sense that is when there is Awareness going on to look for a way out of the couple that is going away. This is the painful terrible feeling that I call in you here with appeals for forgiveness to tell myself I completely forgave Yes, I forgave undoubtedly, but at the same time continue to deal with this person. For example, I do not want to believe that I need to go this one that can slander or strike a blow in the back. You need to have a rapist and an aggressor who can harm us we are also afraid of work and friendship with a man unfair who glorious low and correct Our interests are therefore offensive to the normal adaptive feelings of a highly developed intellect and in general a developed person. Another thing is that a conscious lunch allows us to change our Samui. To change our circle of communication, the unconscious hidden grievance will lead to the development of autoagression and diseases It is possible and necessary to pronounce their grievances and it is necessary to work with them necessary t