Lighten dark circles with a simple makeup (PhotoTutorial)

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I hope you are having an amazing day! I wish you an incredible start to the week ✨

Today I bring to you a tutorial photo of how to lighten our dark circles with simple makeup. I hope it is to your liking.

You do not need a big makeup to cover your dark circles, with basic tools we can do it.

We start

  1. First of all, I show you my original dark circles, without any creams or makeup.

Here we proceed to apply moisturizer, sunscreen and loose powder

  1. This would be the result (the skin cleared a little)


  1. To lighten the dark circles it is necessary to apply a darker color than your skin, I used a makeup base

I applied it in the form of a triangle


  1. With a makeup sponge of your preference you proceed to blur


  1. This is the result, dark circles covered


  1. Then you use concealer lighter than your skin tone


  1. Apply in a triangle shape and blend it with the sponge


  1. This is the result


If you want to clarify more simply use more clear concealer, the important thing is that you have the dark makeup base

  1. Applying another layer


  1. Blur


  1. No dark circles!


If you do not have a clear concealer, you can use a base that is lighter than your skin tone, remember to always blend in very well

  1. Then apply mascara


And ready!

Now you can go outside without dark circles, and without using expensive makeup marks

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