7 Makeup Tips for Girls Who Wear Glasses to Work

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Most of the women that read my blogs are either university going students or working full-time. And you know how hard it is for us nerdies to get ready on time when we decide to wear the damn contact lenses. While it’s impossible to wear contacts on a regular basis, you still wanna look cute and put together when its the time to switch up. A black winged eyeliner or kajal is what I never skip in that case.

So here are my 7 makeup tips for girls who wear glasses to work! Enjoy 🤓😍


  1. Always shape and fill in your brows with a dark brown eyeliner. Brows frame your face and help complete the makeup look.
  2. Girls who are are near-sighted, their eyes tend to look smaller with glasses on. Wear black winged eye liner and light brown matte eye shadow on the lids to make them look bigger 👀
  3. Instead of wearing a foundation, wear a light weight concealer under your eyes to hide the dark circles. I use Maybelline fit me concealer medium shade 25
  4. Set your concealer with your favorite face powder
  5. Wear your favorite nude brown lipstick 💋
  6. Avoid wearing those dangling long earrings with glasses on. Instead wear small crystal or pearl studs. ✨
  7. Wear your hair down or in a low-ponytail 💖

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