DIY beauty: make body cream

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To hydrate and nourish our body while having a responsible consumption, we choose to make his homemade body cream. An easy and quick recipe to adopt!

The beautiful days come back little by little and with them the desire to wear skirts and put away the trousers. But your skin is dry with a crocodile skin effect? No worries, we have the recipe for homemade body cream that you need!


DIY Beauty: a moisturizing homemade body cream

Doing your house cosmetics is a habit to adopt. A good way to consume smarter while fighting waste and opt for a zero waste bathroom . It also gives our body the best care, thanks to its natural components. In this way, we choose ingredients that correspond to us, according to our desires, our needs and our preferences. For a soft skin, we choose to make his homemade body cream by playing apprentices chemists while giving our body everything he wants.

To prevent drying of the skin one makes his pot of

homemade body cream .



How to make a moisturizer for the body


100 ml sweet almond oil
30 g of shea butter
30 g vegetable emulsifying wax
240 ml of pure lavender hydrosol (or lavender flowers infused in 240 ml of water for 20 minutes, then filtered)
A few drops of vitamin E (or 2 capsules)
6 drops of lavender essential oil

Steps to make a homemade body cream:

  1. Pour almond oil, shea butter and emulsifier into a stainless steel bowl. It is the oily phase. Put in another stainless steel bowl the hydrosol. It is the aqueous phase. Heat both bowls in a bain-marie (put them in the same saucepan, so that they are at the same temperature).

  2. As soon as the emulsifier is melted and the water starts to simmer, take them out of the bain-marie.

  3. Pour simmering hydrosol into the bowl of the oily phase and mix for 3 to 5 minutes. Add Vitamin E (this helps to keep your cream and is an excellent anti-aging) and the essential oil.

  4. Pour the mixture into a perfectly clean jar or bottle. Keep cool for a month. You can add a preservative like Cosgard or Grapefruit Seed Extract to keep your cream longer.

Use vegetable and essential oils adapted to your skin type.



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