On a mission to share Beauty...

in beauty •  last year

Hello world, here is a little intro on me I am a freelance makeup artist and accountant by degree. I am succesful in my art career and in the world of accounting. Did I mention I live for art, and beauty ? It is one of my many passions...art and living beautfully is my "yoga" for the mind body and soul. I am new here on steemit. My main mission is to spread creativity and beauty through my insight of makeup, skin care, hair care, henna art, and much more. However, sometimes I will just use this platform to speak my mind about day to day life and other current events. I will share all my travel photography and All the beauty I see and feel.

stay tuned for the next post my fellow steemonians ? lol ;)
still trying to figure things out as I go along.

peace love and beauty,

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Welcome to steemit :) hope to see more content from you. Good luck!


Thank you, I will try my best. :)

Welcome to Steemit! It is a super fun community. I hope you enjoy.


Thank you, I hope to enjoy my time on here :)