How to do fake ombre big lips? Small tutorial! How I do this.

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So, u need few things!

  1. Lip scrub (e.g. sugar with honey).
  2. Cinnamon/pepper/hot pepper or sth like Two Faced Lips Injection (to do full lips, but u don't need this).
  3. Protective lipstick.
  4. Lipliner in ur color.
  5. Two lipstick (liquid or not), but one darker and second brighter.
  6. Foundation/concealer (u need this to do mor brighter middle lips, but it's optional).
  7. U can use contour powder with bright powder.
  8. Favourite higlighter.

So firstly, u need use scrub to have beautiful and smooth lips. Okay, then u can but it's not needed use pepper or cinnamon to put on ur lips for 10 minutes (if it's spicy, wash it!), but if u have Lips extream from Two Faced or spicy lip gloss it's fine, then do the same thing. After this, protect ur lips with protective lipstick, after 15 minutes wash it.
Secondly, line ur lips with lipliner, it should be evenly and symetric, but when lips is small u can do bigger lips (if u know what I mean :D). Use ur finger or brush to blur it, then use lipstick and paint ur corners of the mouth and little further and use brighter lipstick to fill middle lips. Blur, blur, blur - apply darker and brighter to get ombre lips. If u need more brighter or when u don't have brighter lipstick, then use foundation or sth in light color. To have bigger lips, u can contour ur lips with bronzer or contour powder and add highlighter on cupids bow. And done!
Remember about most important thing! When u're doing a photo of ur lips, then u must blow out (?) ur lips and good perspective and view!


So to overline my lips with lipliner by Golden Rose Classics no. 314, then lipliner Lovely Perfect Line no.1 and use lip brush. Remember about blur, blur, blur! :D I use this creamy concealer ont he middle of my lips and white powder, then bronzer for cupids bow and highlighter. Voila! :D


This's my secret for big lips, shhh! :D

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