How do you stay healthy in summer? Let's know

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How do you stay healthy in summer? Let's know


Exercise in sunlight outside the home of the summer is tired of the body, many people are taking gheme. Swim, bike, run, walk, whatever. And while exercising for some time in Kartode, there can be danger when-then.

Before the exercise, be sure that the body is watery

Breathing, sweating, urinating, water is coming out from the body. In the absence of water, the body will be dehydrated. Every day so water is full, I want to drink enough water for the body to function properly, drink water.

How much water does the body want

Every day 16 cups of water for men and 11 cups for women, the advice 'Institute of Medicine, National Academy of America, America

Most of the fluids should come from drinking water even though we have water content in our daily diet. The weight of the body, which is half the size of the measure, should be measured by the measure of ounce, such as weighing 160 pounds, we should drink at least 80 ounces of water (eight ounces) of glass ten glasses of water. As an average, people do not meet their fluid needs daily.

If the color of the urine is clear or straw color, then you are drinking enough water. If the urine is dark color, then it becomes dehydrated. It's OK to wait until thirsty. Other signs of vacuum are vomiting, headache Wherever you are going to drink water properly, drink water filled with water. Keep in the car, keep it at work. Carry with it, walk. You do not have to wait for this to drink all the water together. What is the need to fill the stomach together by drinking water, the stomach will be heavy heavy.

Talk about drinking water without water

The water that gets damaged during exercise is possible only by drinking water. However, those who exercise for more than 60 minutes, especially in the summer, accept hydrotherapy drinks (water, sodium-potassium electrolyte) (which is wasted with sweating). Some athletes drink juice or milk for rejuvenation and for restoring muscle strength in body exercises or exercise. If there is dehydration in the body, there may be discomfort in the legs, it can catch the ankles, fatigue can cause fatigue. In the absence of adequate water, the body can not be cold in ghee. This increases the risk of heat loss.

Think before going out in the summer

If you can exercise in the morning (before 10am) or (after 4pm at the end of the day) then Kardasan can be avoided. Walk through the cool shades of the way. If you want to exercise at midday, then choose light monsoons (swimming or water sports) on the day that it is too hot, it is better to spend the day

Indoor athletics