To become beautiful... Exfoliating coffee.

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Today is the day to get beautiful and nothing better than to apply an exfoliation to our body, a time to relax and free ourselves from stress.

This exfoliant in particular, can never miss in your bath, because it moisturizes the skin, while leaving it soft, removing its dead cells, in addition caffeine is beneficial for the skin, because it tones it.

Another advantage is that it can be used on the whole body, although on the face you have to be careful and take very little, because the skin of the face is thinner than the rest.


  • Borra of coffee (of course, used, if it is to save us money, we take advantage of the borra that remains in the coffee pot).
  • Oil (can be any type of body oil, ie almond oil, rosemary or aloe vera, or special for children are also perfect. If you don't have any of these you can use olive oil)


  • Let the flock dry in the open air (do not cover it because it can breed mushrooms) to evaporate the water it contains, leave them until you see that they are loose.

  • When it is completely dry, mix it with the oil you are going to use.
    Pour the quantity little by little while you stir it, and see that all the coffee has oil.

  • The ideal thing is that you keep it in a container of empty cream or in a container to be able to go using it, since every time that you have more coffee to make this exfoliating you can add it to the container, taking into account that for the oil it will not go out fungus neither bacteria.

  • Apply it before washing the skin.

  • With your hands is applying a small amount, rubbing all over the body until the coffee begins to leave the color brown.

  • Rinse with water and wash normally.

When finished, do not apply any moisturizer or oil, as the exfoliant had it. Just massage the skin until more or less the oil that remains in the skin is absorbed and dry with a towel pressing on the skin to eliminate the excesses.

The exfoliants are recommended to use them once a week or every 15 days, that is to say, as the capillary masks, but there are times that we make a long trip or we are very tired and we feel like "washing thoroughly".

The truth is that the smell of coffee and oil is very relaxing... A shower with this exfoliant does wonders!

I hope you can put it into practice and enjoy it.

The photos are my own and were taken with a Panasonic S5 Lumix Camera.

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