Women's makeup: trust, attitude, power

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Makeup is about self-confidence, courage and bold attitude, this is the conclusion of a qualitative study conducted in December, with women aged 18-39 years old.

Study participants believe that makeup, through its ability to correct imperfections and highlight certain traits, has a hard word to say in terms of improving physical appearance. It is also a tool that talks about style, gives brilliance and requires respect by communicating authenticity and self-confidence.

But they are also aware of the risks they face when choosing to use make-up products: skin and eye irritation, aging aging etc.

In the study, several makeup styles have been identified:
Natural style

It is used only to hide certain minor imperfections, with emphasis being placed on natural beauty. They turn to a foundation or skirt, and sometimes to eyelid blush. This style suits women who are not adept at a strong makeup
Business style

A simple makeup that has to inspire confidence and security. Usually it is applied in the morning, before the service and is limited to the foundation, mascara, eyelid and lipstick or gloss.

The style "I'm beautiful and I'm proud of it"

It is aurateral to women who show their beauty, making sure they enjoy the admiration of others. It is a style that is usually approached when leaving town. It is used by women who value their appearance, are modern, active and adore to interact with people. I use a foundation, anticarcan, powder, blush, eyeliner, crayon, mascara, lipstick.

Independent style

It is approached by women who like to combine styles, who are not afraid to try what is new. They do not need any special occasion to feel free and try to create their own style in everything they do. They are women without limits when it comes to dynamism and spending time in unprecedented manners. I use skin cream, blush, eyeliner blush, eyeliner pencil, mascara and lipstick.

"With the help of make-up, the woman reveals her femininity, becoming sensual, appealing. But she is not just charming. It is, above all, free. Through combinations of colors and elements, he can express his feelings and mood, his look and attitude can always be in line with what he feels and he feels,

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