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Want the best makeup tutorials? You no longer need to have a formal education in makeup artistry to perfect your makeup. In fact, you can get the best makeup tutorials from some of the best beauty experts on the internet! We’ve compiled a set of makeup tutorials which you can conveniently view using the link below. Easily view great makeup tutorials, tips and training for the face, eyes and lips from top makeup artists. Tutorials include video instruction and a list of items and colors used in each tutorial.

Makeup Tutorials & Training Include The Following -

For Eyes:

  1. How To Get Purple Smoky Eyes
  2. Smudged Eyeliner Tutorial
  3. Holiday Glam Smoky Eye
  4. How To Get A Colorful Cat Eye
  5. Long & Full Eyelash Tutorial
  6. Smoky Wing Look
  7. Bonus: Metallic Halo Eyeliner

For Face:

  1. How To Get Glowy, Dewy Skin
  2. Contoured Look
  3. On The Go Natural Look
  4. How To Get Flushed Cheeks
  5. Everyday Makeup Tutorial
  6. Street Style Look
  7. Bronze Matte Makeup Tutorial
  8. Bonus: Red Carpet Beauty Look

For Lips:

  1. How To Apply Matte Lipstick Perfectly
  2. How To Get A Classic Red Lip
  3. The Perfect Lip Tutorial
  4. Bold Lip & Smoky Eyes Tip
  5. Quick Lipstick Trick

These tutorials are done by professional makeup artists including celebrity artist Kelsey Deenihan, Lauren Andersen as well as Christen Dominique. They share their expertise on the season’s most wanted and wearable looks. Follow their easy tips to learn how to maximize your makeup.

Makeup is a learned skill. We don't come out of the womb knowing how to sketch cat-eyes or match foundation. Most of us had to seek guidance from a sister, a friend or a stranger behind a beauty counter. These sages walked us through the tricky steps, directed us to the most flattering shades and passed down their makeup wisdom. Now, things have changed.

The internet and social media have replaced this intimate experience with far more efficient tools. While there are no hard-and-fast statistics on the matter, it's clear that learning about beauty today can come from the online "beauty gurus" or even a video like this one, providing makeup tutorials, makeup training and tips.

Makeup tutorials account for over half of the 200 most-watched beauty videos. Most often we want to see a product demonstrated or reviewed before we purchase. When viewers learn about a product, it might help them narrow down their decision before they purchase. It's a far cry from where things were just a decade ago. Counter gals and guys were the resources if we were looking for product recommendations, and we typically found new swag on the faces and in the makeup bags of our friends and family members. All of this access to information has created savvy consumers. Click below to view our compilation of makeup tutorials and you can be one of them!

To View Our Makeup Tutorials Collection Click Here --> Makeup Tutorials, Training & Tips Compilation & Guides

Used with permission.

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