Exposing Popular But False Beauty Standards

in beauty •  3 months ago

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Black Hair 

Dear Black women. If you are reading this then this is for your today. Embrace you natural hair. We are continually told our hair is inferior and not "good". Growing up I would hear my sisters talk about this and they all permed their hair at some point. Most people don't even realize why black women attempt to straighten their hair. It's because they have been sold a beauty standard that forces them to shun their own beauty. How crazy is that? Listen to me talk about this and much love to @erikaharris for writing on such an important issue. Peace people. 

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@humanearl!! Wow, what a treat and wonderful surprise! :-D I am so touched by your shout-out, and empathy, and UNDERSTANDING. Thank you for offering more history and explanation, as I failed to do that and, therefore, may have left people confused about why/how a post like that would ever even be necessary.

Man, I feel so affirmed.

Thank you, also, for planning to share it with your wife. Is she on Steemit? I'd love to follow her, if so. (I love Bantu knots, too.)

Your locs are beautiful! How long have you been growing them? My hair is, of course, is growing OUT -- not down -- haha, so I may never get that hit-my-shoulders look again, but it looks perfect on you. Natural. Free. And quite handsome and well-groomed. I wouldn't again make room for any job or relationship or circumstance that would ask/expect me to NOT be me. My coils and I are a package deal :-)

This was just so kind of you.

Thank you for seeing me,

P.S. This is the first video I've ever seen of you inside. Nice to see you growing and expanding your equipment, set-up, etc. Onward and upward we go... while fully embracing of our natural selves!


So happy to know you feel more even more empowered by this. My wife is @sierrashavon but she actually doesn't post often. Yall would get along well though. I just know it.

It's been a looong time for my locs haha. It'll be 7 years in November. My momma used to always say I would have trouble finding work with my hair. But when you create your own work you call the shots and get to wear whatever. Even pajamas if you want. LOL.

Good for you for standing on your values. You are a beautiful and courageous woman. The world needs more of you!