Are you Summer Ready?

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Summer is already here in the Philippines. Schools are closed for the summer break and some have nothing to do for two months. You might be planning your trip outside your town or outside the country. You might have packed your bags and most probably, you might go to the beach. But are you prepared enough? Is your bags are full of what you really needed?
Because you might reconsider having your skin checked if its summer ready yet. Because being exposed in the sun makes your skin dull and dry. In order to make sure that your skin is already healthy you must use skin products that will compliment your skin and makes it glowing.

At first I was really hesitant to use beauty products because I was still 20 at that time. I used to have nothing else on my face. Just ordinary soap and I’m good to go. I was into the situation wherein I don’t want to take photos of myself anymore, I can’t bear looking myself in the mirror and I hated the way I look. I had a breakout on my face, neck and in the back area of my body, then I learned how to accept the fact that you are not going to be flawless forever. That your skin should be taken care of because if you don’t then it will show. Because pollution coming out from the cars, exposure from too much heat and not cleaning your skin properly will totally cause for the skin dullness overtime.
Luckily, my sister lend me the beauty products that she uses and she said that it is very effective on her. Although I doubt it at first, I had no choice but to try the product than experimenting on other products in the market. So there I was trying to make it a habit to remember that I have to apply the product at least before I go to sleep, everyday. Until I had mastered that and the photos will tell you. But I must say that the products that I am now using is very effective and it really brought the best in me.

It is really difficult to find a product that will suit your skin type. That would mean that you should try all the products available in the market. And girl, I say that every product costs a lot. So taking time to watch reviews for a certain product that may have tried by others is a big help. And for some, including me might reconsider the beauty products that is being used by their sisters or mothers because some skin conditions are affected by hereditary issues or genes. So a product that may have worked for them is a good idea to start of with because it may have work for you, same as what happened to me.

I hated applying moisturizer in a form of a cream and also I like to have a moisturized face in the morning so I make sure that I use the Neutrogena Body Oil after I use the Shyn Radiating Soap.
And in the evening after school activities, I use the Shyn Radiating Soap to cleanse my face and the Shyn Face Toner to remove the stocked dirt on my face and apply the Radiating Night Cream all over my face and neck.

Overall, it is does not really depend on your skin care products but it depends on how religious are you on applying and mastering that routine until it becomes a part of you. A healthy skin can take you anywhere. Nowadays, it is about on taking care of what you have and nourishing yourself to become the best version of you.
XX Florence,

*This content is not sponsored by the manufactures of Shyn products.
I was just really happy with the results and the amazing turnout of my skin. And hopefully you are convinced to try the products that I have been using.

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