Unicorn Hair; A Hair Chalk Tutorial

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While I was coming up with a look to share with you all, I decided to do my hair to match it since I'm just THAT extra. Hair chalk is a great option for people that want to make a change for a special occasion, seeing as it washes out after one shampoo. It is easy to apply and can be put on all shades of hair.

Ok, get excited, because you're about to learn how to have majestic unicorn hair!

Now I already washed my hair last night so it is mostly dry. I am going to start by adding moisture to my hair seeing as hair chalk is known to dry out your hair a little.

Great job! Now that we've tended to those beautiful locks of yours, we can begin to chalk. I suggest wearing gloves to prevent getting chalk on your hands.

We will hold the chalk the long way and start at our roots, applying in a downward stroking motion.

I hold my hair against my scalp or hand so that it stays still while I do this. For the back of my hair, I lift up the top layers of hair and apply against my hand since I can't see the back of my head.

Now that the top layers are covered with beautiful, vivid color, lets work on the bottom. We will use the same technique, tilting our head so we can see the bottom layers of the back of our head.

Now that we have evenly applied chalk to our full head, we will cover it in hair spray to prevent it from rubbing off on things.

Good job! Now you are ready to sport your new due all over town or outer space or whenever you like to prance around like the glorious unicorn you are!


Wow l want to try it!!
Thanks for sharing

Very easy. Be sure to drape a towel on your shoulders. It will rub off while you are applying, before you add the hairspray. The hairspray is key to it not rubbing off on all of your clothes.

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