Reduce the risk of deafness in women with the right diet

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Taking a balanced diet can reduce the risk of deafness in women. The researchers from Birmingham and Women's Hospital in the US said this.

They studied the relationship between three different types of diets and the danger of being deaf. He studied 70,966 women who took three different diets, The Alternative Alternative Diet, Dieter Approval to Stop Hypertension and Alternative Healthy Eating Index -2010 for 22 years.

The first diet includes a small amount of olive oil, cereals, legumes, vegetables, fruits, fish and alcohol. The second type of diet will contain high amounts of fruits and
Vegetables and low fat dairy products and low amounts of sodium. The third diet includes the content of the first two diets.

In this study published in the Journal of Nutrition, it has been found that taking balanced diet reduces the risk of deafness of women. Birmingham End
Sharan Karhan from Women's Hospital said that taking good diet has a good effect on health and it can also help in reducing the risk of deafness

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