Misleading Beauty Advertisements on Facebook

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I've mentioned in posts before regarding fake cosmetics.  We've seen the conditions of which a lot of fake makeup is made in my post here.  There are of course fake cosmetics manufacturers who are more hygienic than those featured in the news article I refer to in my post but it is difficult to discern the safety of the ingredients used be it on a short term or long term period.

As I was scrolling through my Facebook feed, I noticed an advertisement post one after the other that used the same exact video to promote its product.  Mind you, upon closer read, I found that the ad was for 2 different companies.

Here is a snapshot of the first advertisement:

If you were to click on the link provided however, you are greeted by this product:

First of all, it is clear that the set sold is not the same as the ones in the video accompanying the advertisement.  The design of the print and size of the pencil is completely different.

Now here's the second advertisement:

Notice the similarities in the video stills?  It was the exact same video but now this advertisement pointed to a different product and link.  Let's have a look at the link:


Once again, the product displayed on the page is not of the same packaging design as we can see in the video that was posted with the link.

As a make up artist and beauty enthusiast, I immediately recognized the product in the video as the NUDESTIX Magnetic Matte Lip Colour pencils from the distinct design of the product.  I did a quick YouTube search and found this video by YouTuber Donovan Gibb:

You can view the full video from Donovan here.

It's sad to see companies using other people's work to market their own brand and products.  It is a complete misrepresentation of the product that they are selling and take customers away from the product demonstrated in the video.

Photo source: NUDESTIX Instagram

NUDESTIX was founded by a mother (Jenny) and her 2 daughters (Ally & Taylor).  The entire line is beautifully packaged and was meant to be super portable and easy to use.  If you love the nude look, this is an excellent line to start with.  The formula and versatility is ideal for the girl/woman on the go who wants to spruce up her look quickly.

If you watch the video above, you'll see how pigmented and smooth of a formula the Magnetic Matte Lip Colors are.  They are described as a lip stain, lip colour and lip liner, 3-in-1 formula.  NUDESTIX is available in most Sephoras worldwide including our very own Sephora in Malaysia

At time of posting, the NUDESTIX Creator's Palette is available for RM259 here.  It is a set of 6 Magnetic Matte Lip Colors curated by beauty influencers including Donovan Gibbs (makeupbydg) named Montaigne!  At RM46/pencil in the set, you're getting a whopping 54% discount off retail price if you were to purchase it individually.

Magnetic Matte Lip Colors are sold separately as well at RM92/pencil.

Lots of love, Adelina
Website: Make Up by Adelina
Online Store: Adelina Beauty
Facebook: @AdelinaMUA
Instagram: @adelinamua

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This was very informational! Thank you for sharing!

I see things like this pretty often so it was great to read your breakdown of it. Love your Steemit!


Thanks! I think it's important that we are aware of these things. These companies might have amazing products but they could've done their own swatches or do a quick swatch video instead of using other people's work and effort used for a different product to market their own.

Nice to see another beauty Steemian here! We're growing! Looking forward to your content and I'll pop in your blog soon. 😘

@adelinamua i this really amazing, i just learnt something different. Lovely :) are on teammalaysia discord? If not join here dear.


Hi @afifa. Glad you're finding the post interesting. No. I'm not on teammalaysia discord. I tried clicking on the link but it seems to say that it is either invalid or expired.

Hi your post is informative..


Hi! Thanks. Glad you found it informative. 😊

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I think I’m experiencing this same problem with some makeup brushes that I wanted to order. The ones they feature are nothing like the ones you buy. I’ll have to keep shopping.👎


The photos can be misleading don't you think? It's best to buy from the brand's website or from a reputable reseller or personal shopper.

Wow, thanks for pointing it out. Most consumers would just overlook the details!


No problem! It's my social responsibility to help. 😊