Steemit makeup tutorial @acassity!

in #beauty4 years ago

Hi Steemit I decided to do a makeup tutorial session today and show all the guys on the platform how to put on makeup Bruce Jenner style!

I think I look more beautiful what do you think? This was hard to make very embarrassing I thought about it for a long time before actually deciding to do this.

Do I look more womanly? Should I change my name to Alexa or Alexis? Lol


lol, you need to add the products you used in description.

"it puts the lotion on the skin"

I used complexion rescue bare minerals and Sense Cosmetics LipSense

Yes for sure good idea :)!

Do you feel like your posts aren't making anything hardly anymore @mrwang? I see your last few posts only made like .20-$3 what is going on? Are people leaving the platform already???

I'm not sponsored by the infamous @wang bot anymore.. which only means I have to take my creativity to another level.. I've recovered quite nicely

Oh sorry to hear that. Yeah take it to another level for sure! I feel like whales want us to do a lot more then just blogging.... Feel like they want us to reinvent the platform to get their up-votes......

lol Righteous dude. Great song selection. I think I may try to surprise my girlfriend today with a sexier me. This is the "golden' look.

What foundation did you use ? It provides good coverage !! Ahhahahaahh good job!!

I am not sure I can let you know when I get home! My wife usually buys the best though lol!

Yeah ...get one tube/jar of whatever that was cuz it looks like you finished it all !!! LOL

I used complexion rescue bare minerals and Sense Cosmetics LipSense

Thank you :) LOL you made a mess!!!

you properly achieved that oompa loompa orange tone... you look fabulous, bravo. lol

Oh man.. I've never put make up on.. Not sure you were doing it right but I was laughing pretty hard.

It really accentuates your ear lobes! ;)

Alexandra is a great name, by the way.