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RE: The Need for a Beautiful Sunday

Such exquiste shot sof the flowers so beautiful, and I to am havign a down day today but no gardenign just relaxign ewithe ron my computer as I am now doing this comment or on the couch resting up my knee and glad to say its starting to come right

Woohoo nice new car, and saving you money on gas and helping protect the planet a win win as far as I am concerned ;)


Thank you so much for your always kind words and it's nice to see that you have a down day occasionally, even if that down day includes tap tap tapping away the computer. I guess it's better than you out traversing the neighborhood.

Oh yes, Denise got a new car, but I'm not sure if you knew that someone totaled my vehicle last month. Sitting on 95 at a complete stop because of an accident oh, somebody forgot to stop and rammed the car from the back. I actually think he was texting. Needless to say it totaled my car, making it needful to get another. Sadly, it was an older car and the value did not compensate enough to buy a bicycle. I love when that happens. Anyway I hope you're having a better day and that all is well in your world.

Have a great week!


Always a pleasure and i keep telling you I am not kind i just say it as I see it :)

I did spend some time on the computer tap tap tapping away and also edit edit editing away, but the majority of the day was resting with my Feet up :)

Ohh no I didnt know your car got totaled so sorry to hear that I hope you weren’t not injured int he crash, and Ohh texting and riding thats a pet peeve of mine i see people do it all the time and feel like screaming at them your driving pay attention!!!

So far my day s going well went for a shortish was before work and the knee seemed to cope pretty well so thats good

You to have a great day

How about you let it cope for two or three days so it will really be amazing? It may feel good, but, giving it that extra time to heal a bit more may keep it better for a longer time.

You will never know unless you try! :)

I was trying to figure out why I didn't tell you, but, it was on the way to the pony swim (from the DC area to the Shore) So much time lapsed in between, that it became afact of life as opposed to a problem in life.

I wasn't injured, but the driver and my daughter were a little. But, she is starting to feel like her old self again. Thanks for asking.

Hope your day continues to go smoothly along! I get to go to the dentist this afternoon, so boo!!!! :(

LOL me to do that that sounds like being very sensible LOL
But i was prett sensible was a slow walk this morning and i did take it easy, I know these knees of mine they do this to me every now and again and hen settle down, its been a couple of years since they played up so I cannot complain

But that said I am just doing a short walk in the mornings for my sanity and then whatever steps I do around work out to lunch etc which for me is taking it very easy :)
Sorry. To hear your daughter wa injured but glad to hear she is coming back to her old self.

And with you I suspect you do not often encounter things you see as a problem i life, you have such a positive attitude and deal with anything that comes your way in a positive and bright way

Ohh no the dentist, good Luk with that I have my next appointment inn two weeks but thats just putting in the final crown so easy

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