We had a wonderful Sunday riding on the giroboard! At the end of this post you will find a funny video :) :)

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Indian summer came to the Ukraine and we went to visit my son, who lives in a beautiful residential complex near the city of Lviv among the pines.



It is usually very beautiful here in the fall. A luxury residential complex where everything is thought out in detail! Among the tall pines there are several maples that add even more beauty to this island of happiness beyond the high fence) I wish that all people on Earth had such living conditions, but this is not possible on this Earth. I try not to think about it, I'm just enjoying this place today...



You see beautiful flower beds and walking paths, playgrounds, outdoor terraces ... Security is here and the kids are playing while their parents are relaxing.



My son bought a giroboard for my granddaughter, and all the kids one by one rode on it. There were many positive emotions and admiration for this new type of transport)))


And later my daughter Victoria (@bugavi ) said: Mom, come on, try to drive!
And I said no, I don't want to, I don't want to, I'm not interested))) Although I was actually scared)))


Why are people always scared of everything new? But Victoria was persistent! And I dare to try) Here you see how it was on this video! Wow !!! I'm flying !!!


#beautifulsunday by @ace108
Thank you for your visit!

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It looks like a very beautiful place to live and watching the last pics you are good on the giro board 😁

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I tried one with handle bar before.
I'm sure you enjoy it.

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