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RE: The Need for a Beautiful Sunday

Wow you certainly have a gift with writing. Of all the posts I read, no one can wrap up their feelings for their loved one with better prose than you. Simply outstanding! Then you add the marvelous photos, and it is no wonder we all keep coming back for more.

Oh that is a beauty of a car! Great lines and super classy. Nice choice, Denise.

What a comfy looking place to blog! I would never ever want to leave there! They would have to drag me away.

I think that is so cool how you keep putting in different selfies! Hope to see some in the new ride :D


Thank you so much for always stopping I to say hello and leaving those most wonderful words behind. The car was planned and not planned. I've been looking at different ones since they totaled my car, but I did not know that today would be the day. The Highlander Hybrid limited is one of my top picks for my needs. The dealership is one of my favorite does they have outstanding service in every way.

You have no way of knowing this, but that is one of my most favorite places to blog, sitting there with my feet propped up and look stretched out with something nice to drink as I let my thoughts wander right down to my fingertips. As always, I wish you a most wonderful week ahead!


Yes well your blog is my number one first and last stop to check and see if there are any fresh musing. I think no one does it better, but I am not impartial I suppose. I must say the most touching words, and being a connoisseur, I have seen it from time to time, is when you write of a love that will never be. That is it right there. The true essence of a real heart ripper. That which is so close yet still out of reach. The unknown pleasure and magic of what could be.

I am sure you could find a comfy spot in any of your MF homes you have shown, but I must say that spot right there is mighty comfy and seems to fit you just right. Just think it wont be too long and you will be blogging in front of the fire all cozy, now that is hard to beat! I just hope you have a coaster for your cup!!!! LOL. I hope your week is stellar Denise.

Oh! Be real!!! I am all about the coasters! :)

I buy special ones all the time. No run-of-the-mill coasters for my coffee cups! :) Oh, I am not sure that I am looking forward to the warmth of the fire, no quite yet... not quite yet.

Can we wait just a little bit longer for that to come creeping around? Otherwise, I will have to leave for a bit and find some summer. Somewhere!


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